CareInCastle makes students learn about different fundamental skills that have a great impact on them in their adult years. There are numerous benefits when a child receives a Pre-School education. At CareInCastle, which is a reputed in Dwarka, students get to learn several social behaviors and cognitive skills such as focusing on a task, paying attention, and working with others. We help your child build a solid foundation in language, arts, maths, and science. It is a daunting task to find a perfect home school curriculum for Pre-School as there are many options available. But opting for CareInCastle comes with a complete package of learning. There are several activities in which children get to learn the letter and alphabet sounds, maths, and some early writing skills. Besides, this assessment takes place thrice in a year to test the child’s development and motivate him or her to take forward their unique potential.

key Area in Pre-School

We leave no stone unturned to make your child enjoy the lessons with the help of interesting themes. It is not only a fun way that is oriented towards exploring new topics with kids but there are many educational perks. This theme-based concept allows children to achieve higher levels of learning.

When it comes to social and emotional development, it directly takes you to children’s experience, management of emotions, self-confidence, and the ability to establish positive relationships with others. We, at CareInCastle, take care of all of these things and provide your kid with all possible social and emotional development.

Aesthetic development is concerned with beauty and the analysis of beauty. We do this by creating activities that provoke children to freely express their attitudes ideas and feelings on art. These activities are not based on any competition or judgment and they basically stimulate interest and awareness.

At CareInCastle, we help a child learn phonics so that they can decode words and learn how these are pronounced and what they refer to. As a child needs to learn the relationship between letter and sound, we make sure that we put all the effort and make your kid well versed with the same.

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