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About Us

CareInCastle, established in July 2012 respects children as unique individuals, innate with limitless potential, curious, and interested in the world around them. We acknowledge children as sophisticated thinkers and communicators, adopting hundreds of languages to share their thoughts and feelings. We embrace our role in providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment, where curiosity can be celebrated, understanding enhanced, and reciprocal conversations with trained facilitators encouraged. Education at CareInCastle is more than imparting knowledge; it’s about encouraging children to do significant things with what they’ve learned we are future visionaries so we focus on inculcating 21st-century skills in our kids.

What They Say

“My twin daughters have completed their preschooling from this school and are excited to go ahead with their studies. They’ve gained a lot of things from this platform. .”

Daksh juneja

“ It’s just been a month that I’ve enrolled my child in CareInCastle, and now he is enthusiastically engaged in every activity and program followed in school.”

Jatin Rathore

“I think I made the best choice to enroll my child in CareIncastle school. It’s happy to hear so many classroom tales from him each day and the way he is performing.”

Sakshi Malik

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