Day Care

CareInCastle, Daycare program includes preschool and post that nap time, meals, and evening activities. Learning is a dynamic process that occurs throughout the day, thus the child needs to be engaged in meaningful, playful and joyful learning experiences. The Daycare program has been carefully designed for children from the age of 9 Months+ such that the child is constructively engaged and involved in different explorations before returning to their parents.

A daycare like no other! Offering children a day-to-day structure based around the POD technique to help instil and develop CQ (Consciousness Quotient) Skills in your little leaders by having them engage in fun, unique, and interactive activities.HighScope classrooms follow a predictable sequence of events known as the daily routine. This provides a structure within which children can make choices, follow their interests, and develop their abilities in each content area.

key Area in Day Care

CareInCastle brings engagement-based activities for our little leaders in our Day-Care facility. The activities not only serve the purpose of making the children have fun, but also teaches them various 21 century life skills such as creativity, teamwork, appropriate social interaction with age-appropriate life skills. Our little leaders get an exposure to a wide variety of sensory stimulating activities which helps them explore, learn, and grow. We especially take pride in teaching children a number of downtime activities, which help them cope with anxiety provoking and stress inducing situations.

The timings of this exceptional daycare school are from 8 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Students can come for evening activities like Tuition classes and Hobble.

CCTV cameras all around the school cover all the areas

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