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While they have fun through art, music, dance and sports sessions.We also introduce them  to Computers to be at pace with the fast moving real world. Apart from syllabus bound knowledge, we also encourage activity based learning and practical application of concepts.  To encourage creative imagination and develop latent skills which could determine tomorrow’s career choices.


Pre School

Day Care

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We offer excellent and varied programs designed to meet the needs of your family. We are staffed with qualified and dedicated teachers selected for their love of children. Programs are available to prepare them for their all-important school years ahead.

What They Say

“My twin daughters have completed their preschooling from this school and are excited to go ahead with their studies. They’ve gained a lot of things from this platform. .”

Daksh juneja

“ It’s just been a month that I’ve enrolled my child in CareInCastle, and now he is enthusiastically engaged in every activity and program followed in school.”

Jatin Rathore

“I think I made the best choice to enroll my child in CareIncastle school. It’s happy to hear so many classroom tales from him each day and the way he is performing.”

Sakshi Malik

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